Attaining Greatness by Association

There three things that are peculiar in the lives of every human being are;

  • Walking
  • Standing
  • Sitting

And we are not given to do all of these alone. We do these in relation with other people around us and they can determine our blessedness. Our relationship with people sustains the capacity to determine whether we will be blessed or otherwise.

Two powerful keywords

  • Greatness: Greatness is attained by strategic buildups
  • Association: Associations are the connection people make in their journey through life with other people. Association can be general, periodic and it can be strategic. The family you are birthed into is a type of association. The university you attended is a type of association. Your circle of friend is a type of association.

The type of association will determine its approach.  General and periodic associations are not solely determined by you. But you can determine your strategic association.  According to Proverbs 2:20, whatever pathway you see in your life is a feedback from the kind of way you are walking in. When every of your achievement comes by sweat, no input of relationship/association, then something is wrong (Psalm 142:4). It is not the number of people present in your life, it’s how valuable it is. Greatness is not self attained, you need people. There are some things in your life that you cannot make happen by yourself, you need people.

Some examples of people in the bible that attained greatness by association

  • Laban and Jacob
  • Abraham and Lot
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Moses and Aaron
  • David and Jonathan
  • Moses and Joshua
  • Joshua and Caleb
  • Mary and Elizabeth
  • Mordecai and Esther
  • Jesus and the disciples

Note These Three Things

  1. The first thing about attaining greatness is your discernment
  2. Sometimes, greatness can be a seed i.e. the association that will bring it can be a seed, not in the magnified form.
  3. Understanding the biblical principle of relationship is a key to greatness.

Seven keys to Guide Your Association (I Samuel 10:2-6)

  • Associate with men that have a defined destination. Associate with people who can celebrate your strength, not talk you down.
  • Associate with people that have precise assignment. When your assignment is not precise, it is difficult to focus. Hold on to something specific, something of value I Samuel 10:3
  • Associate with men that are committed to God’s authority.
  • Associate with people who have understanding of kingdom patterns and principles. People that understand the power of words Psalm 119:63
  • Your association must possess God’s kind of nature; Love, giving, selflessness I Samuel 10:4
  • Responsibility I Samuel 10:5
  • Associate with spiritual but not empty people. Your association should be gifted, anointed and useful.

Association in this kingdom is like a reward system. You must sow those seven keys for you to reap so. Your association is a proof of the kind of value you have invested in yourself. God hides His treasures in men; you can attract and magnetize it.


NO is a statement of the strong, the determined and the focused. Withdraw yourself from anyone who is not making positive contribution to your life (II Thessalonians 3:6, I Corinthians 5:11). The bible is so direct and precise about association. Your association can determine how far you can/will go in life (Proverbs 13:20).

How responsible are your association? Are they aspiring greatness as you? It matters who you walk with!