Senior Pastor

Apostle Ezekiel Jegede, a rugged God-lover with an undeniable quest for seeing the consolidation of God’s structured Kingdom on earth. He has been saddled with the ultimate mandate of birthing kingly priest in men and women that he comes in contact with. With the instrumentation of the Word, and the sharp weapon of prayer, he is focused on his mandate, and results and testimonies have followed his engagements.

He is overly committed to seeing men find their place in destiny by revealing the thoughts and inheritances allotted to them in god through biblical revelation and systemic build up aided by the working of faith to consolidate on their realities in Christ.

He is the founder and president of the “Gideon’s Army Int’l Network” also known as  “the GAIN Ministry”, an apostolic ministry saddled with the responsibility of revealing the light of God’s Word, in a form that is  readily understood,  thereby building and equipping men with the truth needed to build them into kingdom ambassadors in every sphere of human endeavour.

With a track record of consistency in the things of the Spirit, be rest assured by the mercies of God that one encounter through God’s servant will brighten up your soul, and colour up your destiny beautifully. His focus is unwavering in the areas of leadership capacity building, as well as personal transformation. Just so much enough to get you up and flying in a darkened world.

Apostle Ezekiel is a graduate of the ENI School of Ministry, and the Morris Cerrulo school of Ministry, just to mention a few, he is overly given to knowledge investment and is a student in the schools of the Spirit and destiny.

He is married to Pastor Olayemi Ezekiel-Jegede; and together they reside in Ilorin, Kwara state where God is using them in His vineyard.


Senior Pastor

Apostle Ezekiel Jegede is a devout Christian with a mission to help establish God’s kingdom on Earth. He works to empower others, particularly men and women, to become “kingly priests” and spread the light of God’s Word as ambassadors for the kingdom. He does this through the use of biblical revelation, faith-based practices, and the power of prayer.

As the founder and president of the Gideon’s Army International Network (also known as the GAIN Ministry), he leads an apostolic ministry that aims to equip individuals with the truth and understanding they need to serve as kingdom ambassadors in all areas of life.

Apostle Ezekiel has a strong reputation for his work in the spiritual realm and is dedicated to helping others find their place in their destiny. He is a graduate of several ministry schools, including the ENI School of Ministry and the Morris Cerrulo School of Ministry, and is constantly seeking to deepen his knowledge and understanding. Along with his wife, Pastor Olayemi Ezekiel-Jegede, he resides in Ilorin, Kwara state, where they are actively involved in ministry work.


Senior Pastor

Olayemi Ezekiel-Jegede is a prolific teacher of the Word. She is saddled with the responsibility of communicating the essence and power of the new covenant in Christ Jesus, thereby enabling a thorough break-out into the fullness of the Godlife. She is adequately armed with the tools and systemic methodologies to supervise the growth and development of the people that God has committed into her care. 

Pastor Olayemi a woman of deep wisdom and understanding in relationship matters and marital fulfillment. This also has made her become a force to reckon with, as she doggedly contributes her quota in inculcating marital values and wisdom, that allow for attracting God’s  perfect will, and also remaining in the center of God’s will martially.

She also is the President and founder of the LEORAH Global Initiative, a platform where she helps women become valuable and productive through knowledge and prayer.

She is a graduate of the ENI School of Ministry Zaria, Kaduna State, under the hand of God’s servant, Apostle Joshua Selman. She is the administrator of the GAIN Ministry, saddled with the responsibility of seeing that the ministry works in accordance with the prophetic blueprint delivered to its founder.


Senior Pastor

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We don't do this alone

Mirroring after the modelling of Christ, in GAIN Ministry, we not only build up men, but we also disciple them to be responsible to the furtherance of the great commission. This has made the GAIN Ministry become a large umbrella that can house various people in heterogeneous niches with an agenda of enthroning the character of the Christ. This has given birth to units and sub groups, and boards of royalties who have pledged their loyalties to seeing the accomplishment of the mandate and vision of the ministry. Every department and unit under GAIN Ministry are uniquely carved to help all willing hearts find their place in kingdom service. And you, yes you, are not an exception. So whenever you see anything working here, there are great minds like you, making it happen in partnership with the Holy Spirit.