The Power to do Good

Ephesians 1:15

As one who believes in Jesus Christ, it is important that we have an understanding exceeding greatness of God’s power that is available to us in Christ. This operation is supervised by the mighty power in God. Beyond all lexical exegesis on the word “power”, it is important that we know how it works and how to activate it in our lives. 2 Peter 1:3, this scripture makes us understand that everything we need in life, all that pertains to life and godliness; finances, marriage, health, etc. have been made available in Christ but we can only access it by the knowledge of him (Christ). Knowledge plays a vital role in the allocation of power

Gideon always saw himself as a weak man with no advantage from the least tribe but when he encountered the Angel he was called a mighty man of valour. When this power came upon him, it gave him an advantage that is beyond the limitations of his background. Gideon led just 300 men to a battle and defeated thousands of soldiers. This power can attract greatness to you.

 The power of God is the supernatural ability handed over to the believer as a proof of his Dominion to enable him enforce changes in accordance to the will of God.

 The Power to do Good (Acts 10:38)

No man does good by default, even Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit to do good. To do good is not the same as being benevolent or giving alms. What then does it mean to do good? To do good means to be able to find see the intention for the creation or existence of a thing and partnerring to ensure the workability of that object to make life better and glorify God.

You can call a thing good when you have analyzed the purpose for the creation and realized that the purpose for its creation has the ability to positively affect the lives of men. Once you identify the functionality of a thing and partner with it to find expression, that is what can be termed as good. The word ‘good’ was first mentioned in Genesis 1:3,10,12 and 18. God had to first see the light he made and every other thing made before He could proclaim them as good. If God does not open your eyes to see beyond the physical you can make the mistake of looking down on people and things around you and not see the good in them.

You must trust God to help you name things and people by what God calls them. Adam saw Eve and was able to name her according to her functionality. This is a very important code even in marriage. There is a name God gave me for my wife different from her generally known name and whenever I call her by that name I invoke an office out of her. If you don’t see the good you cannot experience it. Even the devil knew that he needed to make Eve see the good in the forbidden fruit for her to partake of it. The Greatest Gift God can give a man is the gift of opened eyes to see the good in things. Ishmael would have died in the wilderness if God didn’t grant Hagar opened eyes as recorded in Genesis 21 vs 15-19, same as Abraham. God opened his eyes to see the provision for a replacement for Isaac his son not to be used for sacrifice.

As a business owner, God needs to open your eyes for you to see beyond everyone else in the same line is business for you to prosper and gain financial freedom and to enjoy the good in it. It is not enough to do good, men must see the good in you for them to bless you. There is a grace that comes upon a man that will make all men see the ‘good’ in you. When men see your good, you will be announced and you can never remain poor. Adverts are not what announces a man. There is a grace that will draw the attention of men to you. Jesus admonishes that we shouldn’t do our good deeds to be seen of men. This means we shouldn’t be the ones to try to announce our good to men. It is God that announces a man. Light is what reveals to you the functionality of a thing, and this is what makes you too see the good in it


Even when we see and desire to do good, God is the one who can give us the ability to do good without murmuring (Matthew 19:16-22). This young ruler desired to a realm but he couldn’t pay the price to do the good that was required for that realm. It takes an empowerment to do good. There is a dimension of blessing or results that a ‘good’ is meant to deliver to you but you must receive strength to do good. Sometimes, God will require you to do good to people that have caused you pain the most in life. You need divine empowerment to obey.

By spiritual intelligence, one of the ways to deal with witchcraft spirits that intend to harm you is by doing good to them. The good you do can surround you as a defense and can speak for you in places where your matter is being deliberated for evil. (Galatians 6:9, Matthew 5:40-44). Your good deeds can be a weapon of warfare. You don’t always need to fight but when you do good to people that trouble you, you are invoking the judgement of God upon them.


Prayer: Lord, I lift up my voice to you in prayer, put upon me the grace and capacity to do good in the name of Jesus!