The Power to Trample Upon Snakes and Scorpions

Scattered in scripture are different workings of the power of God and it is good that a child of God understands the rudimental operation of the power of God and know what it is supposed to birth and to do in the life of believers, you are not just born again to live your life anyhow and exit this earth, No! You are born again to partake of the divine power of God that will give you an advantage above your fellow men.

Jesus came to this earth as the son of God and also as the son of man so that he could show us what the new life affords us. He came to show us the quality of life that anyone who is in Christ could enjoy. And so by the time we look into our life we see that there are things that are not looking like what the Bible says. As much as we pray, as much as we go to church, as much as we do the things that the Word of God told us to do, it is still looking as though nothing is changing. Could it be that the knowledge of the power of God that sponsors the result that you desire has not been communicated? And so this leads us to the need to deeply understand what Jesus has made available for us to enjoy.


Luke 10:19, I have given you authority to trample upon snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy, nothing will harm you.

SERPENTS: these are things that try to inflict pain and injury upon your life and sometimes you are unaware. A snake can be in the life of a man and you will not know they are waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to inflict pains.

When we are talking about snakes and scorpions, we are also talking about diseases and sicknesses, terminal diseases, terminal sicknesses that are like time bomb waiting to detonate.

SNAKES AND SCORPIONS: These are a representation of afflictions and pain. What is synonymous to both is that they cause great pain and discomfort. God has given believers power to trample upon them.

It takes power to trample upon snakes and scorpions. For certain people, their own snakes is divorce. Women don’t stay long in their husband’s house no matter how good they are, their husband will suddenly become a monster and chase them out.

Snakes and scorpions are anything that represents torture, pain, torment. You cannot just wish it does not come .No! It takes more than wishes and desire to deal with anything that can cause you pain. You don’t know what is waiting for you in the future, you don’t know what is waiting for you in your marriage, you can deal with it now. With the kind of power that was said in the book of Luke 10:19. It says nothing shall by any means hurt you. That means a man under the influence of this power can live above hurt.

There are people whose hearts are so soft and the devil will intentionally place people around them to say words that will make them feel very bad about themselves. He will then make you to see yourself in the lesser version of who you are. You need power to rise above that possibility. If he says I give unto you power you must receive it. Say to yourself I receive power. I receive the power that Jesus talked about. I receive the power to end poverty, I receive the power to end sickness, I receive the power to end pain, I receive power above witchcraft.

I went back to school ten years after finishing school, the devil attempted to waste 10 years to my academic life. Imagine you finished secondary school, you went to the university and you went back to secondary school. I did physics in ABU, Zaria. I’m a brilliant person, but I saw the hand of witchcraft over my affairs. I knew if the Lord did not empower me, I would not be able to break this siege. When I prayed and the power landed, I told my mum I want to go and do art. Surprised, she said but you’re in the science line. I went back to secondary school to do WAEC. I never read once. I just went to write art subjects in WAEC and I came out with distinctions. I went back to write JAMB. My mates were already doing M.Sc, I was looking for 100 level again but today that power has made me soar. Where God has taken me to and where he is taking me to, when I look at my mates, I sit down and say glory be to God. Some of them have problems now and they call on me because they know that there is the hand of God upon this man. The power of God landed on me and the result was almost immediately. I know the exact date that that witchcraft mandate broke over my life.

You may also be coming out from wicked places. If you do not contend for that power you will be afraid your children will enter into the same problem, after that have finished dealing with you. They’ll bounce on your children. Spirits don’t die, they may decide to face your down line but the devil is a liar. You need to contend for the power to trample upon snakes and scorpions.